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There are good hiking opportunities right from the hotel.

Skaftafell Nation Park is few kilometers to the west.

There are guiding services in the area that offer, smaller hiking trips, glacier walks, ice climbing, hiking to the higest mountain of Iceland Hvannadalshnjúkur and more …

There is an airport close by where they offer sightseeing flights and there is horseback riding on the next farm.

From November to April Ice Cave tours are popular, from May to August a local Guide offers birdwatching tours to Ingólfshöfði where there is among other species a big population of Puffins and the Great Skua.

There is about 40 minutes ride in a car to the glacier lagoons where you can get boat rides to explore and learn about the glaciers …

Check out our image gallery to see more images of some of the sites close to the hotel

Please check the service providers web sites for opening times during winter

You can go for glacier walks on the glacier outlets in the neighborhood, the closest guides are: Glacier Guides, The Local Guide and  Icelandic Mountain Guides.
There are several options for glacier walks close to Hotel Skaftafell
Ingolfshofdi has a big Puffin population and is 20 kilometers east of Hotel Skaftafell
From Coast To Mountains have their offices in Fagurhólsmýri 19 kilometers/ 12 miles east of Hotel Skaftafell and offers trips to Ingólfshöfði in the summer. It is a beautiful location with a lot of birdlife.
Glacier Horses runs a Horse rental on the next farm Svínafell, three kilometers east of Hotel Skaftafell, they offers riding tours, on Icelandic horses, suited both for beginners and more experienced riders
Glacier Horses offers riding tours on Icelandic horses, they are close to Hotel Skaftafell
Fjalssárlón is 40 kilometer/ 25 miles east of Hotel Skaftafell
Fjallsárlón is 40 kilometer/ 25 miles east of Hotel Skaftafell it is a beautiful location and you can explore it with guides on zodiac boats.
The Local Guide has their offices in Fagurhólsmýri 19 kilometers/ 12 miles east of Hótel Skaftafell. They offers guided tours to the glacieroutlets in the neigbourhood.

In the winter the offer Ice cave explorations.

Check out their website for more info

In the winter ice cave exploartion are popular close to Hotel Skaftafell
Jokulsarlon (Glacier Lagoon) is 50 km / 30 Mi, east of Hotel Skaftafell
Jökulsárlón is 50 kilometers / 30 miles east of Hotel Skaftafell, it is a beautiful glacier lagoons with icebergs floating around there are guides there that offers boat trips, there is wonderful birdlife, seals and the diamond-beach and you can also go explore the lagoon on Zodiac boats with Ice Lagoon Adventure Boat Tours
Skaftafell National Park is three kilometers west of Hotel Skaftafell, it is a beautiful park with many hiking trails and a good information center.

Check out out image gallery to see more images from Skaftafell National Park.

Information Center in Skaftafell National Park
Atlantsflug's airport east of Hotel Skaftafell
Atlantsflug runs a small airport two kilometers west of Hotel Skaftafell, they offers sightseeing flights around the neigbourhood.
During the autumn and winter you can often enjoy the Northern Lights from Hotel Skaftafell, and one of the most popular place to see the Northern lights in Iceland is at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon 50km/30mi east of Hotel Skaftafell.
Photo of Northern Lights (Aurora borealis) taken from Hotel Skaftafell
From Kjos in Skaftafell National Park, west of Hotel Skaftafell
We can also help you create hikes and explorations for you with or without guides
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